Weather has been nice is a series of video installations in which vintage found postcards are projected onto thick panes of plexiglas, becoming vessels of these images. These postcards represent the stereotypical idea of landscape – a scenic view, the sublime. With its exaggerated colors and iconic images, the commodification of these landscapes turn them into a non-place that is at the same time unknown and familiar. The images seem static but slowly lunge into an inner movement representing the paradox of memory and experience – our underlying propensity to arrest time and the dynamic nature perception. Through a pixel sorting software the images are slowly decomposed, melting into their own components; like an autopoietic system that produces the components which through its interactions and transformations continuously regenerate and realize the network of processes that produced them.

These videos present us with images unfolding, becoming images. In so doing, they question the sense of place and sublime nature of landscapes. By appreciating these postcards, not as the penultimate view of a place, but as an instant that unfolds to reflect the infinite reaches of time, the work alters our relationship with these images, mediating an awareness of ourselves as producers of landscapes and not merely consumers of them.

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