I’m a Brooklyn based artist interested in the subjects of time, memory, and image, the devices of remembrance that we produce, and the relationship between high tech and low tech. Through film, video, interactive narratives, and video installations, I tackle these matters trying to find ways of representing the tension between remembering and forgetting.

I am interested in the trace, the inscription and our need to inscribe and to fix time in a medium, so I try to create experiences that move from the virtual to the actual object, exploring the ghostly transference of the real, through which objects loose their corporality and are transformed into images.

Time always entails a loss; as time passes by, something is constantly being left behind, and there is mourning, as well as a need to grasp what lingers. Images produce, or at least create the illusion that present and past co-exist. We then decide to collect the portrait of everything we wish to remember or do not wish to forget. Images become our memory.

Photography is the compression of the present and the resistant to leave the moment in the past, without ensuring its return. Photography and film capture the moment, fixate it, but at the same time, they take it out of time turning it into subject of new narratives, endowing it whit a new temporal logic, a new relationship with the autobiographical time.

The memory of the world is experienced through objects, images and their traces. I believe that images reveal the hidden processes by which humanity leaves the traces of its existence and that every picture becomes a fragment of an irretrievable past. That’s way I not only produce my own images, but I am also interested in the process of recollection, selection, and montage. By working with found footage (particularly super 8 and 8mm home movies), with anonymous stories, I try to give expression to that trace based on the meaning that each of us brings to the work, through our personal experience.

The function of remembering implies the production of objects, which are not static repositories but dynamic triggers of perception through which remembrance is activated. In my work I try to create an experience in which memory becomes an action that is constantly actualized in the present, because only in the present we construct our memory. If we understand memory as a narrative construction, we can say that there is a constant re-writing; there is no final text, but a continuous/infinite non-linear one, endlessly repeated, always reversible, and so, every memory is a new memory.